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The beauty and power of nature is the driving force behind my passion for Landscape Photography. Trying to capture those beautiful moments that mother nature provides. 
It's what keeps me going, keeps me getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning, keeps me going out in all weather conditions.

This passion started back in 2016, back then I was in a rut, I had pretty much lost interest in photography, the desire, the love wasn't there. 
I was stuck, and that was annoying.

Something changed in early 2016, I took a trip to Crosby Beach, near Liverpool, to try some seascape photography. And for some reason, it took hold of me, I could feel the fire re-igniting. That year I took 37 trips around the UK photographing anything I thought would make good Landscape images. 

Since then I have gone back to shooting all sorts of genres including portraits, I have also started shooting film again. 

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